Fix the small holes in your wall with these 5 incredibly easy steps

We have all lost our precious lease money due to the small holes in the wall, have we not? If you take the responsibility of cleaning your apartment yourself while moving out, chances are that the vulture-like eyes of your landlord will find some fault and thus the opportunity to deduct the bond money. Read More

What Are Those 4 Important Things You Should Consider While Availing of Bond Cleaning Service?

With a move-out plan, there comes a bunch of responsibilities and handling them is quite challenging. One is, of course, end of lease cleaning, which further determines whether you will get your bond money back or not. Opting for a professional end of lease cleaning service sounds like a smart move here and this is what a majority of tenants would do. Read More

Matters To Look Into Before Moving Out Of Your leased House

Thinking of yourself as the best organiser when it comes to packing and going on a vacation? You might be right at your point, but this time the situation is different and more challenging. Moving out of a leased home calls for a host of complicated duties and you are supposed to round them out by any possible means. Read More

6 Common Mistakes Tenants Make While Moving Out Of A Home

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End of Lease Cleaning Tips to Get Full Bond Money Refund

Moving out from your current residence is the worst feeling ever, which can be overcome though, but getting your lease money back is a nightmare unless you have your rented house as cleaned as new before leaving. Under state laws on leases and rental agreements, both the parties(tenants and landlords) are responsible to keep Read More